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So you’ve had the big brain storm, come up with the latest clever online marketing idea, built a brilliant website, designed the app to go with and you’re about to unleash your latest campaign. Your big bucks client thinks it’s a winner that will generate a surge in interest in its brand and the leap in sales it’s looking for. The first few hours of the campaign go even better than you expect with thousands of people visiting the site and downloading the app – leads are pouring in. It’s all looking good and you’re about to give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job very well done until….the website crashes. All your brilliant work goes straight down the pan. The campaign hits the rocks and you’ve got one angry client shouting at you down the phone. The client’s brand and your reputation have been seriously damaged. Why has this happened? Because the one boring, ... (more)

The Force of the Cloud is strong

For some businesses moving into the Cloud is still treated as something akin to joining the Dark Side….something that’s full of promise but potentially fatal because of the constant evil omens about stability and security. iomart Hosting decided to tackle this head on by unleashing its inner Rebel Force and bring together some of the best minds in IT at the London Film Museum, complete with its Star Wars memorabilia, to explain to an audience of invited guests why cloud computing has a vital role to play in business. With lightsabers at the ready, here’s what they  imparted: Dan... (more)

Acid or Green Rain from Cloud Computing?

The world's data centers collectively are said to be producing more carbon emissions than consumers within many countries (Italy, The Netherlands and Argentina are some of the more headline-grabbing examples that have been cited of late). "The whole industry must be more efficient" is an all too common battle cry, in reaction to that. But does that really wash - or is it just more greenwash? As the need for computing technology grows, we are seeing more and more organizations considering building in house data centres, which will lead to a huge overall increase in carbon emissio... (more)

Will Cloud Computing Lead to Global Smog?

Today has seen the release of the Greenpeace report: "Make IT Green - Cloud Computing and its contribution to Climate Change" catch the headlines. The report basically claims that the rise of cloud computing is increasingly reliant on the use of dirty fossil fuels and that urgent action needs to be taken to redress the situation. According to the report, Greenpeace claims that the energy consumption and carbon emissions of cloud computing is already significantly higher had been previously estimated. Using carbon emission projection data provided by McKinsey (included within the... (more)

Plenty of Spare Storage Capacity up in the Cloud

Let cloud storage control your data before it controls you. “Terabyte storage? That’s so last decade Darling. This year’s black is the zettabyte.” For us luddites still mourning the loss of the 1.44MB (2.0MB unformatted) disk, the thought of the zettabyte is truly terrifying (although pretty handy for Scrabble). The zettabyte is equal to 1 billion terabytes and according to IDC, in its latest global digital output report, the world’s generated data volume is expected to pass through the magic zettabyte figure for the first time later this year going on to exceed 35 zettabytes by... (more)