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As the sun rises in the East and bears visit the woods, we can state with absolute certainty that we will be blitzed with a plethora of “best of”, ”worst of” and “pick of” lists, and of course ‘what’s hot what’s not for 2010” predictions, in the next couple of weeks. And this year it will be worse. Not only do we say goodbye to 2009 but we also move up into a new decade. Copy writers have even greater license to fill a few column inches with those trivial facts that we feign a healthy disinterest in but secretly devour, storing the data to impress our friends and colleagues at some later date.

And when the opportunity does arrive to finally impart our new found knowledge, Oh Boy! do we like revelling in our own self importance. We have the sudden urge to give it the old Billy Big Bananas treatment. We’re not content with simply stating that Will Young’s ‘Evergreen’ is the biggest selling single of the decade, Oh No - we say ‘Can you name the reality star whose debut double A side single is the biggest selling record of the Noughties?’ (Incidentally the “Top

10 UK Singles of the decade”* chart contains four hits from ITV talent shows, two charity cover versions, and one juvenile novelty record for toddlers – can you name them?). And for what purpose?

Yes, the publication of lists at this time of year is pure Geek Ambrosia.

So not to be outdone by the local Pub Bore, we’ve taken the opportunity to collate the hosting, technology, cloud, online, social media yada yada trends for 2010 as published by people far more clever than what we is.

Digital Media Buzz’s Top Digital Trends 2010

1. Facebook replaces personal email
2. Open source software starts making money (thanks to the cloud)
3. Mobile commerce - The promise that has never delivered, yet
4. Fewer registrations — one sign-in fits all
5. Disruption vs. continuity - alternatives to the “big idea”
6. The continuing evolution of Web-driven, open source DIY culture
7. Info-art
8. Crowd sourcing
9. More Flash, not less

Searchdatacenter.com’s Top Data Centre Trends 2010

1. Train, cross-train flexible staffers
2. Rising colocation costs
3. Time for enterprises to dip a toe into the cloud
4. SaaS model gains favor in IT management tools
5. More meaningful reporting on IT energy use
6. Data center design trends: Raised floors phase out
7. Sun customers continue free-fall

Verdict’s Top online retailing trends 2010

1. Growth will be more difficult
2. The recession has impacted
3. Acquiring new customers will be tougher
4. There will be more mouths to feed — Deep knowledge of your competitors’ online offerings
5. Expectations will rise
6. Loyalty can be increased
7. Conversion will be key
8. Basket abandonment is here to stay
9. Customers will be channel blind
10. It’s more than about selling

Gartner’s Top Strategic Technologies 2010

1. Cloud Computing
2. Advanced Analytics
3. Client Computing
4. IT for Green
5. Social Computing
6. Security – Activity Monitoring
7. Flash Memory
8. Virtualization for Availability
9. Mobile Applications

Web Design Ledger’s Web Design Trends for 2010

1.Oversized Logos/ Headers
2. Sketch/ Hand-drawn Design
3. Slab Typefaces
4. Typography
5. One Page Layouts
6. Huge Images
7. Change of Perspective
8. Interactive/ Intuitive Design
9. Modal Boxes
10. Minimalism

CNN’s Web Trends to Watch 2010

1. Real-time ramps up
2. Location, location, location
3. Augmented reality
4. Content ‘curation’
5. Cloud Computing
6. Internet TV and movies
7. Convergence conundrum
8. Social gaming
9. Mobile payments
10. Fame abundance, privacy scarcity

Business Technology’s Security & Storage trends for 2010

1. Antivirus is Not Enough
2. Social Engineering as the Primary Attack Vector
3. Rogue Security Software Vendors Escalate Their Efforts
4. Social Networking Third-Party Applications Will be the Target of Fraud
5. Windows 7 Will Come into the Cross-Hairs of Attackers
6. Fast Flux Botnets Increase
7. URL Shortening Services Become the Phisher’s Best Friend
8. Mac and Mobile Malware Will Increase
9. Spammers Breaking the Rules
10. CAPTCHA Technology Will Improve

Forbes’ Ten Trends For 2010

1. Applications move to the “cloud”
2. The tribal Internet
3. The Internet is all around you
4. The web gets smart, really smart
5. Sensors, sensors everywhere
6. The decentralization of medicine
7. The decentralization of education
8. Building the “electricity superhighway”
9. The integration of transportation
10. Workers of the world, connect!

And finally if you fancy a complete change for the new decade we give you the Plastic Surgery Trends and Predictions for 2010 from the Editors of Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery

1. Even More Botox-Like Products Will Come to Market
2. Fat Injections to the Breast Will Be Used Cosmetically
3. Surgeons Will Invent – and Perfect – Body Contouring Surgeries to Follow Massive Weight Loss
4. Fat Freezing Heats Up
5. Cohesive Gel Breast Implants Receive FDA Approval
6. Lipodissolve Study Results Stun Skeptics
7. “Botax” Will Raise Eyebrows
8. Surgery-Free Tummy Tucks Trim Waistlines
9. Face Transplants Face Upsurge
10. Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures Experience Rebirth

In case you couldn’t answer the contrived question at the beginning of the post - here is the *Top ten best selling UK singles Chart of the noughties (and what does it say about us?)

1. Will Young - Evergreen
2. Gareth Gates - Unchained Melody
3. Shaggy - It Wasn’t Me
4. Tony Christie/Peter Kay - Is This The Way To Amarillo?
5. Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It’s Christmas?
6. Hear’Say - Pure And Simple
7. Shayne Ward - That’s My Goal
8. Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
9. Bob The Builder - Can We Fix It
10. Atomic Kitten - Whole Again

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A full and varied career has seen Phil move through various senior product/project and marketing positions with companies as diverse as Centrica plc, One.Tel, VarTec Telecom and iomart Group plc. Phil is working on a project to create an intergenerational social hub that will celebrate creativity and achievement in Helensburgh, birthplace of television pioneer John Logie Baird.The Heroes Centre will provide people of all ages with the new media and content creation skills required to engage fully in the digital world. Follow his progress on Twitter and on Facebook